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  • Does Dmv Express Service provides registrations or plates the same day?
    Dmv Express Service does not process transaction on a same day basis for most vehicles however if this is a vehicle titled in NYS under your name already, then we can likely do it next business day. Each case is unique so please bring in your documents for review. When you come to the DMV Express Service, you simply sign the forms we provide, pay the service fee and in about 1 week you will have your registration! The only place where you can get a registration done the same day for a vehicle you just obtained is the actual DMV and they currently have a longer wait time to process your transaction as a result of COVID19.
  • Is this the DMV?
    We are definitely NOT the actual DMV. Would the DMV have a website this cool? :) We are a licensed DMV Expediting company that provides registration and titling services in all 50 states! This means that you won't have to deal with the actual DMV in any state. Instead, you pay us a small service fee to handle and expedite everything for you! From start to finish, we make the procecss easy by filling out all of the necessary paperwork for you, receiving and reviewing them and of course getting them processed! Once you use our service, you'll never go back to the DMV!
  • What do you do?
    DMV Express Service is a authorised DMV partner that carries out all services that you would normally do at the Department of Motor Vehicles(DMV). This includes registrations, plates, transferring of plates, registration renewals, plate surrenders, titles, lien applications, duplicate registrations, duplicate titles, registration changes, document filing, and registration services for all 50 states! We provide the same service as the DMV with out the long wait, long lines, and long forms!
  • What do I need to register my vehicle?
    In order to register a motor vehicle in New York State, you need the 3 P's- Proof of Identity (NYS Drivers license or ID Card), Proof of Ownership (Title or Transferable registration), and Proof of Insurance. In addition, if you purchased the vehicle from a private party (including if it was a gift) will also need a DTF802 tax form, and a MV82 form. All of these forms are available by clicking here!
  • services for drivers licenses, learner permits, or identification cards?
    While the DMV Express Service provides many services that are provided by the DMV, we do not provide services as it relates to drivers licenses, learner permits, or identification cards. You must go to an actual DMV for this type of transaction.
  • How much does it cost to register my vehicle?
    New registrations, where the registrants address is in the 5 boroughs of the City of New York, typically range between $200-$300 plus taxes and fees. DMV Express Service charges $100 for our service which includes completing all documents required, submission of paperwork, shipping and handling.
  • What do I need to transfer my registration?
    In order to transfer your registration in New York State, you will need the 3 P's- Proof of identity (License), Proof of Insurance, and Proof of Ownership (Title). In addition to this, you will also need your exisiting license plate number, and your insurance card must state "Replacement Vehicle" on it.
  • Why should I use DMV Express Service?
    You should use DMV Express Service if you don't like long lines, dont like dealing with long confusing forms. have a family and would rather spend time with them. have a full time job and can't make it to the DMV, or you just want to use your time for more important things! DMV Express Service helps you Skip the Trip to the DMV!
  • Do you help with tickets?
    While the DMV Express Service helps with many issues as it relates to the DMV, we do not assist with moving violations or tickets. This is something that must be handled at the Traffic Violations Bureau of your local DMV.
  • I want to surrender my plates but I lost 1 or both of them
    In order to surrender your license plates in New York, you need both plates along with the first three letters of the last name of the person who is registered to those plates. If your plates were stolen, then you must go to your local police precinct and obtain an MV-78b form from them. Bring this form with you when you come to surrender your plates. If you lost one of your plates, then bring the one plate you do have and we can still surrender it for you.
  • Can I surrender my plates with this service?
    Yes you can! Here at Dmv Express Service, we surrender plates in all 50 states! Just check out our online services section to get started!

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